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We take the “Me” personal in AnatoMe Fitness. Each person is treated with a personal touch. When you walk through the doors of AnatoMe Fitness, you’re not just walking into a gym; you’re walking into a family that is goal driven. As the saying around the gym goes…

“The beating will continue until morale improves”

Personal Training

We offer private and semi-private personal training.  With each of our trainers being nationally certified, they are sure to bring you results!  Each training package give you a customized program, a customized nutrition plan, and consistent accountability and support.  Sign up for your free session today!


Each of our Bootcamp classes will never feel the same.  Each day we focus on a different body part and will keep you moving the whole time.  Our Bootcamp is designed for all fitness levels.  Each of our instructors will keep you inspired and keep you safe.  As a member you can enjoy our InBody machine where we customize your nutrition, along with our challenges to win money!


Right now we offer Zumba and Zumba Strong. Zumba is a dance based class that is latin enspired.  You will be sure to dance the calories off.  Zumba Strong brings a more high-intense workout that will tone your body the way you want!

About Us

AnatoMe Fitness is going on its 5th year of business changing hundreds of lives. This year 2018 is the biggest yet with the expansion into a 5,300 sq. ft building. With this expansion we are able to reach a larger population and make a huge difference in the community.

AnatoME Fitness membership benefits:


A Personal Touch

AnatoMe is all about you. Every person is not the same and we understand that. We will learn your story and help guide you to where you want to be.


Whether you join our bootcamps, our personal trainers, or are just coming in for a healthy smoothie. We will set you up with a coach that will keep you on track.

Friendly Environment

We understand that it can be scary to start a new lifestyle. We create an environment that is safe and welcoming to all. We guarantee you will meet a new best friend among our amazing clientele.


    Home  I just finished my 6 week challenge and lost 4% bodyfat which was my goal. I surpassed my goal of 21% body fat and ended at 20.2% body fat.  Luke and his team where very helpful and encouraging to help keep me accountable to reach my goals.
    The bootcamp classes are super fun and the trainers are full of energy.  It's nice to go to class and have good leadership and instruction to get in and get your sweat on.  
    Cal's class on Tuesdays and Thursdays are the BEST.  Cal keeps you so motivated and pumped throughout the entire class.
    The meal plane was very easy to follow.
    The staff makes you feel very welcome and feel like a family.  
    This was a great experience and now I'm addicted to doing 6 week challenges 🙂

    thumb Roshena C.

    Home  Hi you guys I just finished my 6 week challenge lost 5.5% body fat, man was it a challenge lol but I did it and surprised myself. The gym has an amazing support team to help you every step of the way and help you stay accountable. They push you they check up on you they want to know how you're doing, no other gym I've been to has cared so much. I'm so glad I decided to do the challenge. Thank you Anatome Fitness!

    thumb Lisa G.

    Home  The best life changing choice i have ever done in my life!!!  Didn't think I could do it or last ( because I'm a quitter) but AnaToME made that change !!!! I would never think that I would be so excited coming to work out with these amazing PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE TRAINERS  Kyle,Jackie ,Vanessa ,and Keanni  they are all amazing and always teaching us the right way !!! Luke Rangel is so devoted and compassionate in what he does he cares and gives you motivation !! Nate is so inspirational and always has the right words to say and I can't forget to mention he makes the best protein shake I have ever TASTED  I have always had a low self esteem but since coming here I feel better I look better and I feel so much energy which I never had. All I can say is I LOVE THE ANATOME FITNESS FAMILY !!!!

    thumb Gloria E.

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