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We take the “Me” personal in AnatoMe Fitness. Each person is treated with a personal touch. When you walk through the doors of AnatoMe Fitness, you’re not just walking into a gym; you’re walking into a family that is goal driven. As the saying around the gym goes…

“The beating will continue until morale improves”

Personal Training

We offer private and semi-private personal training.  With each of our trainers being nationally certified, they are sure to bring you results!  Each training package give you a customized program, a customized nutrition plan, and consistent accountability and support.  Sign up for your free session today!


Each of our Bootcamp classes will never feel the same.  Each day we focus on a different body part and will keep you moving the whole time.  Our Bootcamp is designed for all fitness levels.  Each of our instructors will keep you inspired and keep you safe.  As a member you can enjoy our InBody machine where we customize your nutrition, along with our challenges to win money!


Right now we offer Zumba and Zumba Strong. Zumba is a dance based class that is latin enspired.  You will be sure to dance the calories off.  Zumba Strong brings a more high-intense workout that will tone your body the way you want!

About Us

AnatoMe Fitness is going on its 5th year of business changing hundreds of lives. This year 2018 is the biggest yet with the expansion into a 5,300 sq. ft building. With this expansion we are able to reach a larger population and make a huge difference in the community.

AnatoME Fitness membership benefits:


A Personal Touch

AnatoMe is all about you. Every person is not the same and we understand that. We will learn your story and help guide you to where you want to be.


Whether you join our bootcamps, our personal trainers, or are just coming in for a healthy smoothie. We will set you up with a coach that will keep you on track.

Friendly Environment

We understand that it can be scary to start a new lifestyle. We create an environment that is safe and welcoming to all. We guarantee you will meet a new best friend among our amazing clientele.


    Home  So I started coming to AnatoME Fitness back in October! I had previously lost about 30 pounds but needed to be pushed .  Still want to tone and lose 15-20 more pounds .Life tends to get in the way of achieving my fitness goals. I've seen  how these trainers really push us and bring out the champions in us! ANY extra time I have I make it a priority to get to the gym! I look forward to the next 6 months and to see the transformation. I can't believe how my body is changing and strengthening!! I also love the heart monitor it really keeps me motivated!!! You all must check it out!!

    thumb marlene a.

    Home  AnatoME is the best! They have many options for getting in shape such as personal training, zumba, kickboxing, yoga, and bootcamps all for a great price. There is no judgment from the trainers or others working out there which makes it a great environment to set your goals and achieve them. The trainers really want to help you achieve any goal you have and encourage you throughout the entire process. They also help with nutrition and happily answer any questions you may have about weight training, healthy eating, or working out in general. It is a great environment for people of all body types, ages, and genders!

    thumb Syd W.

    Home  I participated in the 6 week challenge here and it was a life changing choice. After being unhappy with my body, I decided to take the plunge into turning my life around with AnatoME. They provided me with the resources I needed for the challenge: workouts, a meal plan with plenty of different recipes, a nutrition coach, and an accountability coach. For workouts, you are expected to go 3 times a week, however, I usually went Monday-Thursday. They have plenty of different times for working out such as 5am and 6am classes as well as 7pm and 8pm classes. I am not really a morning person so I went to the 7pm bootcamp with Tony and Vanessa! They are such amazing trainers and really push you to the next level. Even though I'm in pain from doing burpees and frog jumps, somehow they make me smile while doing them. The workouts are definitely intense, but the trainers are there to make sure you are doing them correctly so you don't get injured. In addition, they provide you with modifications if necessary! No matter how tired I am at work, some how I manage to get out of bed and get to the gym to the workout. Everyone at AnatoME is extremely welcoming and supportive of each other. I love the culture and it is an overall good place to be around.
    Although my 6 week challenge is over, this journey to losing weight isn't 🙂

    thumb Vivian N.

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