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    Testimonials  I liked the welcoming and fun atmosphere. I enjoyed the bootcamp classes and the coaches keep it interesting. They will provide you with a diet plan for your BMI. I made better food choices and controlled my portions.
    I also enjoy the Zumba class of Vanessa.  She is just a ball of positive energy and  you will definitely break into a sweat.  
    The protein bar makes my after work out experience better too. The shakes have a variety of flavors and helps you cool off after.
    It is not just a bootcamp or zumba class, they have a gym to use as well for those that want to work out on their own.
    I just signed up as a member after losing my 6 week challenge. That just shows how much  I enjoyed it here. I feel stronger , healthier and fit. Hopefully with more perseverance and guidance,  I can work my way to getting more muscles.

    thumb Dawn C.

    Testimonials  I first heard about AnatoMe on Facebook. I contemplated whether I should join and do their 6 week challenge. I wasn't sure if I would fit in.  Boy I was wrong! The gym and staff are amazing! All  of the trainers are awesome and they make you feel like a super star!! I would recommend AnatoMe to anyone! BTW they have a smoothie bar that's absolutely delicious!

    thumb Jeanette B.

    Testimonials  I participated in the 6 week challenge here and it was a life changing choice. After being unhappy with my body, I decided to take the plunge into turning my life around with AnatoME. They provided me with the resources I needed for the challenge: workouts, a meal plan with plenty of different recipes, a nutrition coach, and an accountability coach. For workouts, you are expected to go 3 times a week, however, I usually went Monday-Thursday. They have plenty of different times for working out such as 5am and 6am classes as well as 7pm and 8pm classes. I am not really a morning person so I went to the 7pm bootcamp with Tony and Vanessa! They are such amazing trainers and really push you to the next level. Even though I'm in pain from doing burpees and frog jumps, somehow they make me smile while doing them. The workouts are definitely intense, but the trainers are there to make sure you are doing them correctly so you don't get injured. In addition, they provide you with modifications if necessary! No matter how tired I am at work, some how I manage to get out of bed and get to the gym to the workout. Everyone at AnatoME is extremely welcoming and supportive of each other. I love the culture and it is an overall good place to be around.
    Although my 6 week challenge is over, this journey to losing weight isn't 🙂

    thumb Vivian N.

    Testimonials  Best work out I've done in a long time! Luke and his staff are awesome and amazing people to push and keep u motivated while working out for the 60min or even coming in and getting it in- they have classes as early as 5am too 9am and evening from 5pm to 8pm classes fill up and no SIZE ISSUES.. big or small we are all one here- staff makes u feel right at home and it's no judgement on what u can or can't do- for me it's the shakes after the work out I look forward too!! If u go try there mixed berry#8 omg best one and only one I like-- lots of others but I stay true.. good luck on your fitness journey hope too see u there- 9am Saturday or Friday /mondays

    thumb Joseph L.

    Testimonials  This place is my home away from home. I'm not fit by any means... yet. The people here- trainers, staff, and folks that workout are all so friendly and encouraging to not only workout but have fun in the process. 10 out of 10 i would recommend this gym to everyone. They also have a fire smoothie bar with the best shakes. My favorite is the neopolitan flavor. You come in and place your order before your workout and write in what time you want it to be ready so by the time you're done working out, you can get it and run, don't have to worry about them making it upon order, then wait for an extra 10 min before you can leave. This especially is great for me because I have to leave and get ready for work right after. Saves time.


    thumb Mario M.

    Testimonials  AnatoMe is amazing. They have a variety of trainers so you're bound to find someone who's classes you love. All the trainers are positive and supportive and take time to learn about you. They make sure everyone can do the workouts and will help you modify to suit your level, injuries, etc. I started with their 6 week challenge (lost 7% body fat and added muscle) and just decided to re-up because I am so happy with them.

    thumb Jason B.

    Testimonials  Love this bootcamp. !   The trainers are encouraging, helpful, the people are supportive, welcoming , friendly.
    Trainers  , Lyle, Tony, Vanessa , awesome people !
    & of course Nathan who always has our shakes ready for us after 8 pm class !    After completing the 6 week challenge I found myself wanting more only because of the results I had .   They weren't major but enough for tell myself I got this , I can reach my goal in time.   They deserve 10 Stars !!!  Not 6

    thumb Gloria C.

    Testimonials  So this is my first post since I started my journey 6 weeks ago. I wanted to make sure I gave it my all. I wanna thank AnotoMe Fitness for everything they've done for me. First Luke for getting me to sign up second Tony for kicking my butt every week Vanessa another trainer for her encouragement and Gloria a member with a huge workout commitment  and very important my wife for preparing my meal everyday and supporting me. My journey has just started and I will continue to reach my goals of being a healthier and better ME!
    Thank you AnatoMe Fitness!!

    thumb Joel C.

    Testimonials  Well I finally did it I joined AnatoME!  So many of my friends have told me about this amazing Fitness Family for years and I finally joined!  Many of my friends have inspired me by their weight loss and simply becoming healthier. Since I've joined it's been hard but everyone is so helpful, supportive and motivating.   If you're looking to get healthy sign up now!

    thumb Nicole A.

    Testimonials  AnatoME is an inspiring place. People bond together for one common goal - becoming physically fit. It works for all ages and sizes. The classes are well thought out and they are physically exhausting no matter what your skill level. The coaches are fit which is important. You def dont want instruction from someone who is out of shape. The shake bar is next level. Protein shakes with delicious flavors. Its worth going for a smoothie even if you dont workout. Its a good clean environment and after 3 weeks, I like it more and more. Keep up the good work.

    thumb Jimmy B.

    Testimonials  Hi you guys I just finished my 6 week challenge lost 5.5% body fat, man was it a challenge lol but I did it and surprised myself. The gym has an amazing support team to help you every step of the way and help you stay accountable. They push you they check up on you they want to know how you're doing, no other gym I've been to has cared so much. I'm so glad I decided to do the challenge. Thank you Anatome Fitness!

    thumb Lisa G.

    Testimonials  great gym! i joined their 6 week bootcamp challenge to lose 25lbs and get your $500 back. their challenge includes not only open gym and workout classes but also nutrition counselors and motivational coach to moniter your progress. they also have a protein bar for after workout shakes. i dont do protein shakes but it seems to be popular with people

    i mostly worked out with vanessa gonzales' zumba strong class and i hate excercise but i love her class. it will definitely kill you, but her choreography and music are fun so you really want to keep pace and memorize the moves. she is SUPER cheerful and sweet and will make me smile even on my laziest draggiest days.

    luke, my motivation coach is super real, funny and sweet. he checks up on you one or twice a week through texts or in person

    sonia, my nutition counselor, was super sweet and gentle. shell give tips and suggestions to make the diet work for you, and isnt judgemental at all when youre slacking and whining.

    thumb Lucy K.

    Testimonials  I just finished my 6 week challenge and let me say it was hard work but I did it! Everyone is super friendly the workouts are hard but doable. The coaches help you out and challenge you throughout the classes. I definitely recommend this gym 100%.

    thumb Vargas B.

    Testimonials  I've tried out too many gyms and classes and nothing compares to this facility.  They have a wide variety of bootcamp trainers and classes that benefit any schedule.  Luke and Kyle and their amazing staff will motivate and push you to reach your fitness goals.  Thanks to AnatoME Fitness, I am the lightest and strongest I've been in 4 years and I finally found the perfect gym that I always look forward to go to.  This gym changes lives, I 100% recommend trying a class out!

    thumb Sophia M.

    Testimonials  This gym is amazing. They will teach you everything there is to know about workouts, eating clean and losing weight. The trainers are soo knowledgeable and there is really effective boot camps for every schedule

    thumb Joie M.

    Testimonials  This gym/bootcamp facility is amazing! I joined the 6 week challenge and now I am a member. This gym is not just a gym, it really is a safe space to start your health journey. I fluctuate with my weight and fitness and starting is always the hardest, but here they make you feel included and part of a family and success is obtainable for all! I LOVE the bootcamp classes! Sometimes going to the gym you don't know what to do or your motivation isn't there, but coming to the bootcamp classes you don't have to think and get a full body workout! I love Kyle's classes and Vanessa's! Both kick your butt, but it's worth it you feel great after. I was losing pounds and inches! Luke Rangel one of the owners is extremely knowledgable and helps you with anything and any questions you have about nutrition. I always look forward to my workouts never dread going. Everyone is so nice!

    thumb Megan M.

    Testimonials  Needed to find the motivation to get back into shape and the 6 week challenge at AnatoME Fitness was just the thing to do it. Very welcoming trainers, staff, and fellow gym members. As long as you follow the EASY and inclusive meal plan they provide you will see results!! So many options/times for bootcamps so I was able to find a time to fit into my ever changing work schedule. I was so happy with my 6 week experience that I'm now a full fledged member for at least another year. Can't wait to see more progress with my fitness goals.

    thumb Aryssara B.

    Testimonials  Completing Anatome's 6 week challenge is one of the best decisions I've made. The trainers are amazing and help every step of the way. Highly recommend this gym over any other I've been to!

    thumb Jacqueline P.

    Testimonials  My appointment with Luke was @ 9:35 A.M. I showed up on time while others were sitting with him. He was polite enough to offer his chair, however, when he came back to sit down I asked "Luke what's the catch, I do not want to waste my time nor yours" his response "oh you want dessert while we are still on the appetizers." I repeated the question, and then I said "ok, I'll listen" at which point he was quite rude & informed me "I don't think you're a right fit" I insisted I would stay & he told me "no that's ok." When I went to find his partner to see what he would say he informed me "there's always a catch." So for those of you interested I attend a much better CrossFit APEX also in Covina! There is no "catch" and the people there are far from rude. I guess I expected AnatoME to be more professional. Nothing is for free, I am sure, including their six week training... even if you make it. Perhaps I wasn't a great fit because I am already in shape??? There is always room for improvement! My bet is that this place is just a fly by night gym trying to get in with all the others around locally. Good luck to those who are the "right" fit.

    thumb Julie R.

    Testimonials  I started coming to AnatoME Fitness in February and I LOVE IT!!  Kyle and Luke push and motivate me and that is exactly what I need. All of the trainers here are awesome and I am happy that I started coming. I have finally found a gym that makes me feel welcomed  & is helping me  reach my goals!!!!

    thumb Connie A.


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