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      Where do I start ! I've trained before and now with Kyle. Who was referred by my old trainer who retired u can say lol. And I'm forever grateful for this place not only Kyle but Luke and all of their other trainers there. When I'm not personal training I try to get in a Bootcamp and let me tell you if you want results and want a better lifestyle with amazing people rooting for you everyday every step of the way this is your place. Their prices are very reasonable for the quality trainers and hours and everything else they offer. My sister in law comes here my mother in law just started and if you want someone to believe in you and you want inspiration TRUST ME come here just get one foot in and I promise you will walk out with one of the BEST feelings of your life. I'm 8 months postpartum and it's very hard for me to lose weight let alone get toned even with healthy eating and I'm doing it I'm losing inches and crying as I'm writing this review because I'm doing it because of ANATOME FITNESS ! I love you guys I hope this review helps people.

    thumb Destiny R.

      So I started coming to AnatoME Fitness back in October! I had previously lost about 30 pounds but needed to be pushed .  Still want to tone and lose 15-20 more pounds .Life tends to get in the way of achieving my fitness goals. I've seen  how these trainers really push us and bring out the champions in us! ANY extra time I have I make it a priority to get to the gym! I look forward to the next 6 months and to see the transformation. I can't believe how my body is changing and strengthening!! I also love the heart monitor it really keeps me motivated!!! You all must check it out!!

    thumb marlene a.

      AnatoME Fitness is probably the best place you could go to when you want to achieve your work out goals! Everyone is so kind and employees are eager to help you if you need anything. It's seems like the employees always have smiles on their faces. The nutrition plan and the workouts are definitely working for me and are helping me improve in my health. As you go along, The trainers give you recommendations on how to improve your nutrition plan to best support your body and lifestyle. I would 10/10 recommend! 🙂

    thumb Gloria S.

      I've lost over a 150 lbs before coming here. I've done CrossFit and had a few personal trainers, I've worked out on my own and just let go for a while and not worked out. So I have some experience when it comes to fitness.
    That being said I found this gym after multiple attempts with other trainers and gyms to find something that fit my current schedule and financial ability. This place is amazing, everyone here from all the trainers and the clients are like family. Luke is very professional and has yet to cancel once or show any signs of not pushing me 100%. Whether you are looking to begin a new journey or continue a long one this is somewhere everyone is welcome and gets results. The location is good and so is the size of the gym. The equipment isn't as new as some other places but I can guarantee you that will never change the results! Trainers who care people who are driven and  a family of accountability.. come by and check it out

    thumb John R.

      Anatome Fitness is my first small, studio type gym to ever workout at. I've always done big places like 24 Hour Fitness. This place feels like home even though things are always changing with upgrades and new special processes. I'm ALWAYS greeted with a smile, even from other members. It's not clique-ish, either, like I thought a small gym would be like. AnatoME Fitness is welcoming, encouraging, and results oriented. You don't really get lost in the crowd.

    My review is for the personal training. I've never taken their classes but they always looks great!

    Luke Rangel is a great trainer, motivator and  business owner. I've worked with other trainers before and only have good things to say about them, too, but Luke offers true value. It's his business, so he can control the prices. I'm paying less than half that I used to and am achieving my goals.

    This is a very professional establishment. I'm not constantly being hit with hard sells. I'm never made to feel uncomfortable. Luke is a family man and sometimes you get to see his wife and daughter swing by. There's an adorable dog, Coach Hank. If my one hour session goes long, it's fine. It's not like other gyms that if you're late, you lose your time, or if you have to use the restroom, you lose your time, or if you need a water break, you lose your time. Luke honors the one hour policy. Sometimes it gets busy but you ALWAYS get your full workout time, as long as they're open, haha.

    The equipment is good and people always share. They keep it clean and tidy. The restroom is clean. They have this cool inBody thing that tracks your body fat/muscle/etc. progress. You get customized meal plans.

    You get so much value with the training here. I've been a customer for a little over a year and will continue my training here due to their high quality and value.

    thumb Kristine F.

      Luke Rangel is truly a life changer!  I was at a plateau and he was able to set up a personalized fitness plan for me. He made it fun and easy to stick with. He taught me that fitness is a life change.  Thank you for changing my life!!

    thumb Sophia V.

      AnatoMe is such a great gym to go to. Every single trainer there is always so friendly. Luke is such a helpful and caring trainer! I love this team and I know anyone else who goes here will have the same experience, regardless of your trainer of choice, but Luke is my favorite 😉

    thumb Daniela V.

      AnatoME is the best! They have many options for getting in shape such as personal training, zumba, kickboxing, yoga, and bootcamps all for a great price. There is no judgment from the trainers or others working out there which makes it a great environment to set your goals and achieve them. The trainers really want to help you achieve any goal you have and encourage you throughout the entire process. They also help with nutrition and happily answer any questions you may have about weight training, healthy eating, or working out in general. It is a great environment for people of all body types, ages, and genders!

    thumb Syd W.

      These guys are awesome! Always push you to do more, and genuinely care about you. You will always feel welcomed here, whether it's for a bootcamp, zumba, or personal training. Luke is a great personal trainer, and has tons of knowledge that he is willing to share. Stop by and check this place out!

    thumb Jerry N.

      AnatoME fitness is the best place to go to if you want to lose weight, tone up , and feel better about yourself overall. The best part about AnatoME are the trainers especially Luke! Ever since I started working out with him I feel like a whole new person. I have gained so much confidence in myself thanks to his training. He is always coming up with new ways to challenge me so that I can reach my goals . You definitely will feel comfortable training with him because he's so nice and truly cares about his clients success .

    thumb Jamie G.

      I trained with Nick Simons, overall a great trainer. He made sure I was always doing the workouts correctly and pushed me to keep going I also learned a lot from his workouts. I definitely  enjoy the boot camps he instructs, they're intense but you feel so accomplished after! I'm sure I will be returning soon!

    thumb Denielle R.

      ANATOME is the best place to go for change. If you want results ANATOME is the place to be. It's many fitness packages in one place Zumba, Boot camps and your personal trainer who works with you side by side and will never give up on you even when you give up on yourself. If you want results come join our friendly family atmosphere everyone is welcome. Hope to see you soon.

    thumb Toni G.

      I finally decided that it was time to stop making excuses and start being a healthier me, so I took on Nick's 6-week challenge. Right out the gate Nick wasted no time and prepared me with a great meal plan and we discussed what goals I wanted to meet at the end of the six weeks. I'm starting week 3 and I'm already feeling better and seeing results that are pushing me to work harder! The workouts are definitely not a walk in the park, but he continuously challenges me and I leave feeling accomplished. Coming from someone whose trained before, Nick is the one of the best out there, his passion for fitness and training shows throughout his work. If you're hesitant or don't know where to start, turn to Nick and AnatoME fitness and they'll be there every step of the way.

    thumb Denise C.

      I highly recommend Nick and all of the AnatoME fitness team to get you the best results you've always wanted. If you're looking for personal trainers who are going to motivate you and push the best out of you then this is your spot. From somebody who's always been in and out of the gym a lot and always wondered what else can I get out of my workouts, you can't go wrong here. Nick pushes you and takes the time to make sure your form and posture is correct on every workout, from stretching to core work and cardio. Nick and the rest of the team are always there to answer fitness and nutrition questions. And ya it also might help that they play good music too, but really guys/girls this is the spot for you .

    thumb Anthonie L.

      Nick aka simonsayslift is an amazing trainer! I've been working with him for a little over a year now and I'm constantly still seeing changes and results to this day. The workout are always challenging I always leave sweating and satisfied. I would recommend him to anyone!

    thumb Jamie G.

      Nick has been my trainer for a few months now. He's been awesome! He's always making my workouts challenging & sometimes hard. Which is cool because I always like a challenge.  It's always a good workout because I'm drench in sweat at the end of each session.  At AnatoME Fitness everyone is so friendly, And all the trainers are amazing  and great vibes all around and best of all you get results .

    thumb Amber W.

      Nick at Anatome Fitness has been great! I have been coming here for a year, not consistently but thats on me. Nick always works my ass off. I always say i hate him during our sessions but at the end of the day he is making me a better me. He provides me with my nutrition plan and workouts I can use on my own. He also helps educate you with how to do workouts the correct way to workout the targeted areas.

    thumb Zamantha R.

      I have been going to see Kyle for several years and I absolutely love him! He always keeps my workouts fresh, new, and challenging. He makes each session specific for my needs and knows my ability level and pushes me just the right amount. I even moved much further away and continue to drive 30
    minutes to this gym because I am so happy with my results and progress thanks to Kyle. He makes sure I am not only on track with exercise but also with maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I would HIGHLY recommend, his prices are the best around.

    thumb Robin A.

      In one year I've lost 65lbs while going to AnatoME Fitness. The work outs are effective and their guidance is incredible. My pictures are proof. They taught me how to eat clean while still enjoying the splurges of life. And they are affordable. I believe most often it's $100 for the first 10 sessions. And each session is 1 hour. Follow my journey for more proof ig: biig_hec

    thumb Hector M.


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